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Smoked trout

Trout is growing in cool, clear and fast water. It is well known for its superb quality and has become a favourite amongst consumers all over the Europe. Our main source for best raw material is from best famous Polish farms. Libru trout is smoked slowly with beech wood, until it is filled with delicate aroma of wood smoking flavours, that enhance unique taste of this delicious fish.

Smoked mackerel

Mackerel is pelagic, fast-swimming fish – in fact, it doesn't have a swim bladder and must swim constantly, so that it doesn’t sink. Mackerel is an excellent source of vitamins A, D and B12. It has also a high content of EPA and DHA (Omega-3) fatty acids. Our raw material comes from Autumn as best time of the year for fat and fish conditions. Mackerel is our speciality, we are smoked slowly with beech wood.

Smoked sprats

Sprat is a widely available, small herring. It is a pelagic fish, which swims together in densely packed groups to 150m depth. Rich on proteins, with low fat is delicious choice especially smoked in Northern Europe. In Libru we are smoking delicate sprat in beech alder wood, then we carefully pack in MAP.