4 steps for delicious smoked fish

1. Best raw material

We invest a lot of energy at choosing the right suppliers. We audit supplier practices, conduct extensive testing, and set expectations and standards that go beyond of what is expected in the industry. We believe that setting standards that are superior than the industry-standards will allow us to have a sustainable and safe product that our clients can rely on.

2. Selection and salting

After delivery we make a first selection. Fish is sorted for pre-process and gutted. Then we salt our fishes and maturate them to be ready for smoking. Salting and maturation process time can range from a couple of hours to several days depending on the size and fat content of the fish.

3. Smoked and cooling

Our process is based on hot smoking. We are using beech and beech/ alder wood. Hot smoking is based on drying and smoking process, depending on species where the fish must reach a temperature between 54°C to 78°C. Once smoking process is finished, fish must be carefully cooled down to sustain an aroma inside fillet and reach delicate structure.

4. Filleting and packing

The final stage is filleting, spicing and packing our delicious fish. Packaging plays an important role in our production of smoked fish as it helps to maintain freshness of the fish. We are using newest technology for packaging to make sure that our products stay fresh and are properly presented. Our packaging systems include: MAP, Skin and Vacum packaging.